PHE Harlow Economic Impact Assessment

Steer-ED has been commissioned, by Public Health England (PHE), to undertake an economic impact assessment of the proposals to develop the largest public health campus in Europe.  The £600m investment, accommodating over 2,000 jobs, will see the relocation of PHE’s R&D and Policy teams on to a 40-acre, former Glaxo Smith Kline facility, on the edge of Harlow town centre.

Working alongside PHE and Harlow District Council our role is to:

  • Prepare a socio-economic baseline for the local area;
  • Develop a ‘routes to impact’ model capturing the breadth of economic and social impacts;
  • Produce an economic impact assessment (EIA) of potential impacts of the relocation on Harlow and surrounding area
  • Develop a monitoring and evaluation framework whereby impacts can be tracked against the objectives of the relocation

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