Steer-ED leads evaluation of housing retrofit initiatives in NEY Net Zero Hub Region

Steer-ED have been commissioned by Tees Valley Combined Authority (TVCA) to conduct a process evaluation of housing retrofit activity in the NEY Net Zero Hub Region. The evaluation covers housing retrofit programmes across the region, including the Local Authority Delivery (LAD) 1A, 1B, and 2; the Sustainable Warmth Competition; and the Homes Upgrade Grant (HUG2). 

This evaluation seeks to understand the lived experience of those who have been involved in these programmes—including homeowners, Local Authorities and other organisations delivering schemes, and groups active in the supply chain. For all groups identified, the evaluation methodology will centre around exploring factors such as the level of communication experienced, support provided, challenges faced, and lessons learned.

Steer-ED, supported by three expert subcontractors, will deliver the following strands of activity:

  • Materials development, including the Theory of Change, journey maps for key stakeholder groups, and research tools;
  • In-depth interviews with the three key stakeholder groups;
  • Two waves of longitudinal consultation with beneficiaries;
  • Interviews with supply chain organisations; and 
  • Area-based case studies.

Overall, this evaluation seeks to understand opportunities to improve the implementation of future rollouts of similar housing retrofit programmes. Steer-ED will actively share its findings with key stakeholders through roundtable discussions, dissemination webinars, and an interactive workshop. Moreover, they will facilitate upskilling and learning activities to ensure that this valuable information reaches the relevant parties in an accessible manner.


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