Josh Stott

Associate Director
Josh Stott

Josh is an experienced consultant who has worked in economic development for over 15 years, advising a range of public and private sector clients on policy development, case-making, and delivery with a focus on land and property, labour markets, and inclusive growth.

Josh joined Steer Economic Development from Joseph Rowntree Foundation where, as Head of Policy and Research, he was a leading advocate for the Inclusive Growth agenda. Josh directed a major policy and research programme, working with stakeholders to help ensure inclusive growth objectives become embedded within local economic strategy.  Alongside supporting business growth and wealth creation, his work focused on economic development approaches which help improve the prospects and quality of life of local people. 

Prior to this, Josh worked as a Senior Consultant at Genecon LLP and then Shared Intelligence, advising local and national clients on strategy, governance, appraisal, and evaluation. He began his career in the field of commercial property, qualifying as a chartered surveyor while working with investors, developers, landlords, and tenants on a range of investment, financial and legal issues. 

Understanding who growth will benefit and how, is vital to achieving vibrant and inclusive local economies. As such, understanding ‘what works’ in inclusive growth is a skill and a perspective that Josh brings to his work.