UK Climate Change Risk Assessment, 2022

Rachel Brisley is co-authoring the People and Built Environment chapter of the next UK CCRA. Produced every five years, the CCRA identifies and analyses the most severe risks to the UK economy, society and environment from climate change, now and in the future.

Rachel is working with Dr Sari Kovats, London School of Health and Tropical Medicine, on the People and Built Environment Chapter that covers risks such as flooding to people and communities, long-term viability of coastal communities affected by flooding and erosion, the health impacts of high temperatures and heatwaves, and the potential effects of high temperatures and flooding on the delivery of health and social care services. The risk analysis is based on an extensive literature review of the most recent climate policy and research, with the prioritisation of risks informed by their magnitude, adaptation shortfall and need for action over and above what exists or is planned.

Every five years Government is required to produce a Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA) for the UK setting out the key risks from climate change and recommending actions to address them.  The CCRA is informed by an evidence report produced by the Committee on Climate Change.  The evidence report is produced by leading climate change professionals from academia and industry. Rachel Brisley is co-authoring the People and Built Environment chapter focusing on risks such as flooding, overheating and water scarcity and their impacts for our homes, communities and health and community services.


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