Conducting the Evaluations of the North East & Yorkshire and Midlands Net Zero Hubs

Steer-ED has been commissioned to conduct evaluations of two out of five of BEIS’s local Net Zero Hubs (previously known as Energy Hubs).

Steer-ED will be evaluating the North East & Yorkshire (NEY) Net Zero Hub as well as the Midlands Net Zero Hub. The Hubs were first announced in 2017 as part of the Clean Growth Strategy. The Hubs were established to develop local energy strategies and intervention plans; and to support the development of pipelines of net zero energy projects up to the point of commercial investment.

Our evaluation is due to conclude in November this year. It will include both process and impact elements across a range of qualitative and quantitative workstreams. The work programme includes a series of case studies, multi-stakeholder workshops, one-to-one consultations with internal and external stakeholders, and a detailed quantitative analysis of the expected carbon savings from projects.

Throughout the evaluation, we will be working closely with BEIS and with the evaluators of the three other Net Zero Hubs to ensure consistency across the five evaluations.


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