Steer commits to operating as a Net Zero company by 2025

Steer commits to operating as a Net Zero company by 2025

Today, Steer launches its employee-led commitment and pathway towards operating as a Net Zero Carbon company by 2025. For Steer, Net Zero means a reduction in carbon emissions, not reliance on off-setting. We are delighted and proud that our Net Zero commitment has been developed wholly by our employees, who have utilised their expertise, skill and creativity to design our plans.

To make meaningful strides towards Net Zero by 2025, Steer will become carbon neutral by 1st January 2022. This will be achieved through actively changing the way we operate and undertake our work on a day-to-day basis. We have already begun this process through:

  • The adoption and monitoring of this plan and its targets at all levels, in all offices and within all teams in Steer
  • Deploying our Research and Innovation programme to identify the carbon implication of office, home and hybrid models of work so that we can build carbon reduction into our future model of working.
  • The formation of outcome-focused ‘Net Zero’ staff hub, which creates and shares best practices in terms of carbon reduction across our operations.
  • Our transition to renewable energy sources and closed-loop recycling for our operations and offices.
  • Implementing a Responsible Procurement and Supply Chain Policy to ensure that the goods and services we procure meet our requirements while also minimising any negative impacts on the environment.
  • Implementing incentives and support for the use of sustainable and low carbon modes to reduce our transport impact.
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