Our continued support to the North East Local Enterprise Partnership

Since June 2023, Steer Economic Development has supported the North East Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) across various domains and projects, building on our long track record of supporting the LEP with strategy, analysis and evaluation over many years. 

The current support package provided to the North East LEP has included data gathering, analysis, benchmarking, report writing, and strategic advice to ensure their evidence base is up to date and reflects current and emerging priorities.

As part of our support, Steer Economic Development has helped to update data and write reports across the North East LEP’s evidence base, feeding these directly into their online Evidence Hub. This enables the North East LEP and its partners across the region to understand the region’s economic performance and helps to inform policies and priorities within the area. This has been instrumental in assisting the North East LEP to fully prepare for the “Our Economy” event it holds annually to take stock of the region’s economic performance with partners from across the North East. 

After several successful analytical projects, Steer Economic Development has been commissioned to provide research, analytical, and strategic support to the LEP as needed throughout the next six months. This support will, among other activities, help the North East LEP transition along with its partners into the new North East Mayoral Combined Authority from May 2024. 


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