Improving productivity in the construction sector

Steer Economic Development is working with the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) to evaluate a series of commissioned projects under CITB’s Commissioned Projects Fund, which invests £20bn per year to seek solutions to industry skills problems. Our team is evaluating CITB’s Productivity commissioned theme, which is investing £400,000 in projects to develop training that will change behaviours at key points in the construction process, in those occupations identified as having the greatest potential to increase productivity by reducing rework. Find out more about the CITB's productivity theme on their website.

Steer Economic Development will undertake interim, end-of-project and final impact evaluation of the Productivity theme, consistent with the HM Treasury's Magenta evaluation best practice.

This will involve:

  • Assessing the direct and indirect impact of each completed project, for all beneficiaries and stakeholders;
  • Understanding the counterfactual impact of the project, exploring what might have happened if the funding had not been available and what additionality the funding has provided; and
  • Determining whether the outputs of the commission have been achieved.

The evaluation will run to June 2020.


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