Developing an Economic Strategy for the new North Yorkshire Council

Steer Economic Development, with associates Les Newby and Nicky Denison, have been commissioned to develop the first economic strategy for the new North Yorkshire Council. The new council is the result of the merger of seven existing District and Borough Councils and the County Council to create the third-largest Council by population in the country.

This presents a unique opportunity to create a fresh, forward-looking economic strategy that is unconstrained by existing boundaries but that builds on the area’s distinctive strengths. Moreover, the strategy comes at a crucial time to ensure the Council is in a strong position when it begins work in April 2023 and as it finalises its Devolution Deal with Government to create an elected Mayor for North Yorkshire and York from 2024.

The strategy will be developed in close collaboration with partners from across the area. It will be grounded in robust evidence and an understanding of the wide-ranging opportunities and challenges for delivering the County’s economic growth aspirations.


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