Baselining the North East LEP’s Areas of Strategic Importance

Building on our ongoing Research & Evaluation work for the North East Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), Steer Economic Development has recently been commissioned for a further piece of work to assess, redefine and analyse the LEP’s priority sectors – from Digital to Green Economies, Advanced Manufacturing to Health & Life Sciences.

For Stage One of the project, we are examining the current definitions of priority sectors set out pre-2014, asking ourselves, do these definitions align with prevailing research, comparator areas, industry standards and central government reporting? And, do these definitions encapsulate both current sub-sector strengths and opportunities for growth for the North East LEP?

Stage Two and Stage Three will then take these new definitions forward to provide our client with user-friendly dashboards for monitoring all key economic development indicators related to each of the priority sectors.

This will give the North East LEP the opportunity to better understand, define, and profile their priority sectors for regional and local economic development, with an in-depth view of the scale, strengths, and weaknesses.


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