Assessing the feasibility of a Zero Carbon Cooperative in Mid & East Antrim

Steer Economic Development has been commissioned by Queen’s University Belfast to conduct a feasibility study exploring the formation of a zero-carbon cooperative for the Manufacturing, Agricultural, and Extractive sectors in Mid & East Antrim. The work is supported fully by the Mid and East Antrim Borough Council and its enterprise partners.

Stakeholder engagement with representatives from the sectors in view will inform and shape the feasibility work, including the potential configuration of a local zero-carbon cooperative and relevant net zero/circular economy projects. The feasibility study will also involve a high-level techno-economic assessment of the value that a zero-carbon cooperative could deliver across the three target sectors.

A wider ambition of the work is that such a prototype cooperative will inform the development of other similar cooperatives across Northern Ireland as it seeks to transition to a net zero carbon economy


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