National Innovation Centre for Ageing (NICA)

Evaluation of the UK-China Healthy Ageing Programme Innovation Stream


Steer ED have been commissioned by the UK’s National Innovation Centre for Ageing (NICA) to conduct an evaluation of the UK-China Healthy Ageing Programme Innovation Stream (HAP Innovation Stream), which NICA is leading. 

The HAP Innovation Stream is an Innovate UK funded collaboration between NICA and the Beijing Hospital Corporation to develop and sustain a blueprint for bilateral partnership development in healthy ageing. It is focused on the commercialisation of R&D in goods and services, which supports the citizens of both countries to age well and remain independent for longer. It also seeks to deliver a long term, sustainable strategic relationship between the respective Centres. 

This commission focuses on evaluating the collaborative programme of work between the two centres, including the programmes of work to establish a healthy ageing innovation ecosystem, a business accelerator catalysing activity between the UK and Chinese businesses, the development of a citizen engagement App in China, and delivery of exhibitions and events in the UK.

Throughout this evaluation, Steer-ED will work closely with NICA and Innovate UK to develop the Logic Model underpinning the Programme and then evaluate it in ‘real-time’. Steer-ED will provide annual interim evaluation reports focused on identifying areas of success, challenges and providing recommendations. A final evaluation examining the outputs, outcomes and impacts will be produced for December 2023. Metrics to measure success will include a mixture of:

  • Quantitative data, primarily relating to the short- and medium-term innovation benefits to businesses; and 
  • Qualitative measures capturing, among other impacts, the benefits arising from the strategic added value of the cross-country workings across the long-term.