World Bank

Emerging Lessons from the World Bank’s Quality Infrastructure Investment Program Portfolio


Steer, alongside Ensphere, and K&M Advisors, have been commissioned by the World Bank to conduct a review of the World Bank’s Quality Infrastructure Investment Fund (QII). QII, a partnership with the government of Japan, provides support to improve the quality dimensions of infrastructure projects. It seeks to ensure that infrastructure projects mainstream the application of six QII principles:

  1. Maximising the positive impact of infrastructure to achieve sustainable growth and development
  2. Raising economic efficiency in view of life-cycle cost
  3. Integrating environmental considerations in infrastructure investments
  4. Building resilience against natural disasters and other risks
  5. Integrating social considerations in infrastructure investment
  6. Strengthening infrastructure governance

Steer’s work is focused on understanding more about QII impact, what lessons can be learned from the support provided so far, and what areas could be highlighted for focus in the future.

Steer will also provide recommendations on how the QII Secretariat can optimise its value added in subsequent projects and create a more differentiated, substantial advantage through its work. Specifically, through this portfolio evaluation, Steer will:

  • Identify emerging trends around QII Principles and common themes;
  • Develop knowledge materials to share lessons learned; and
  • If necessary, propose refinement of the QII monitoring, evaluation, and knowledge management approach to ensure that knowledge and best practice are more systematically captured and shared.