Economic development is a story of the interplay of innovations which creatively stimulate, reshape and destroy industries, producing dynamic but often uneven economic and technological progress. To ensure that economies can manage the many changes and challenges they face, including political, technological and market risks, we need policies and strategies that are place-specific, globally aware, multi-disciplinary and robust in the face of uncertainty. 

We work with public and private sector clients to help them achieve sustained and inclusive economic development in increasingly complex times. Our emphasis lies on ensuring that all components of economic success and resilience are examined holistically and as part of a wider 'system'. We focus on the development, appraisal and evaluation of policies, strategies, programmes and projects that promote sustainable and inclusive economic growth. This may be achieved through infrastructure provision, greater entrepreneurial activity, better generation of knowledge and science and/or increased skills, education and employment.  

One of our key tenets is to leverage our deep understanding of 'what works', gained from the extensive experience in delivering and evaluating compelling and effective strategies for clients across the Knowledge, Business, Labour Market and Infrastructure domains. 

Graph to show wealth creation & competitiveness