Mark Matthews

Special Advisor

Mark is a specialist on the role of science and innovation in economic development and has built a career that spans academia and consulting. This has included executive responsibilities in facilitating international cooperation in these fields and establishing a new public policy think tank. He has worked on a wide range of strategy assignments and on evaluations and reviews in science, innovation and industrial competitiveness.

Prior to joining Steer Economic Development shortly after its formation, Mark ran his own small consultancy company specialising in public policy work. He has also held research and senior management positions in academia and in the consulting sector in the UK and in Australia. Having helped to establish Steer Economic Development, Mark transitioned to a more flexible Special Advisor role at the end of 2017 in order to combine consulting with broader academic and think-tank contributions.

​​Mark is particularly interested in strategies and tactics that help clients improve their innovation strategies. He is also an enthusiast for developing better ways of communicating and demonstrating the important ‘public good’ outcomes generated by higher education research

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