Fiona Tuck

Associate Fiona Tuck

Fiona is a research practitioner and brings over 10 years’ experience of delivering actionable and insightful evidence across economic development agendas. One of her key strengths is moving forward evidence generated through programmes of primary and secondary research to provide interpretation and understanding that underpins policy and strategy formation. Prior to joining Steer Economic Development, Fiona was Head of Research at Trends Business Research Ltd.

Fiona has worked extensively across the UK’s creative and cultural industries, delivering projects at the forefront of policy development and making key contributions to the national body of evidence relating to the sector. She has worked closely with the Department for Media, Culture and Sport, and key development agencies such as the Design Council and Arts Council England.

She judges that to deliver strong economic performance, the UK will need a pipeline of talented workers. Fiona has delivered projects exploring education and career pathways in several sectors and professions, considering the effectiveness of qualifications and training, and areas for improvement and development. She has undertaken numerous studies exploring the current position and future potential of labour markets, incorporating sectoral and spatial assessments of skills demand and supply, skills development priorities, and skills strategies and action plans.